Windows Server Backup Software

Gone are the days when all the important information was stored in papers, files and folders. With advancement in technology and invention of computers, the important documents found themselves punched inside online files and folders. This applies not only for the documents, but also for images, video footage, personal files and reports.
But no matter how much computers help us in storing information, it after all is only a machine and can suffer system crashes. With the Windows Server crashing down, you find yourself completely in the dark since you no longer can have access to all the files and folders stored in the computer. This is when you require the Windows Server Backup Software.

What Does Windows Server Backup Software Do?

The Windows server backup software keeps automatic and continuous backup of the server to a number of backup devices like the NAS, CD/DVD, hard drive, and tapes. There are a number of Windows server backup software that creates an online automatic backup of the Windows server including data, settings, applications, and the operating system.
One such windows server backup software is the ShadowProtect that provides you a bare metal disaster recovery for all types of small business servers, SQL servers, exchange server, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2003.

The Acronis True Image for the Windows server creates a replica of the disk image of the Windows server. This Windows server backup software helps in server disaster recovery by creating backups on a number of media, SAN volumes, and NAS. They can restore huge databases and all the individual files with instant bare metal restore of the Windows server.

This Windows server backup software, like most of the others, can directly save the backup in DVDs without making use of the 3rd party DVD burning software. Most of the Windows server backup software saves a lot of space by keeping a backup of only those files that you really need.

The UltraBac provides live support backup of SMTP messaging, shared files and databases that are open for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The Backup4all software takes care of the data along with passwords, and saves space by compressing them while taking backups. This software is capable of carrying all the 4 types of backups – mirror backup, incremental backup, differential backup, and full backup. Provided with a DVD/CD burning support, this application is compatible with Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0/ME/98/95.

The BackupAssist automatically keep backups of the Windows server in a number of devices including the NAS, DVD/CD, REVTM drive, hard drive and tape. This helps you to restore the files and system from the backup media in case of a server crash. The Genie Backup Manager Professional is capable of creating backups and restoring the programs, settings, emails, documents and files in tapes, memory sticks, DVD/CD discs, networks, FTP locations, and hard disks.

The Open File Manager is capable of creating backup of files that are opened. Make sure to opt for a trial period before you purchase the Windows server backup software . This will help you to judge the requirements of your computer and will provide you with the best Windows server backup software that allows you to keep on storing data without the tension of ever losing it.