Stopping Spam

Completely stopping spam would be a dream come true wouldn’t it? Never dealing with another unwanted email would save us all more time and space on our hard drive, plus nobody would have to deal with sifting through their email for the real ones.
Unfortunately it is almost impossible to completely get rid of spam and stop if from ever coming back again. The best thing to do to start stopping spam, is to use a spam filter that will separate your junk email from your real email.

Best Spam Filter

Since spam is one of those problems that everyone has, there are a bunch of companies selling spam filtering products on the market. So many in fact, that you could never use them all in an entire lifetime. With all of those choices, which one should you get?

Well they say the best things in life are free, and the same goes for spam filters apparently. There are two spam filtering programs that are free on the web, and they are the best at stopping spam in my opinion.

The first is actually an email client that is similar to Outlook, but better in some ways. The client is called Thunderbird and is from Mozilla. It is free to download by following that link, and is easy to install to.

The next free spam filter is called Spam Assassin and can be downloaded online. Spam Assassin is an open source spam filter, which means that people contribute to it, for free and are making it better all the time.

Both of those choices are fine for stopping spam, but honestly I prefer Thunderbird over Spam Assassin. While Spam Assassin should work with any email client that exists, Thunderbird itself is a client and spam blocker in one, plus it has some very useful features other email clients don’t have.

Thunderbird uses complex programming that gets smarter over time. This works by monitoring your emails and seeing which ones you mark as junk and which ones you don’t. Then as time goes on it will automatically move those junk emails to the trash and you won’t see them anymore.

I use Thunderbird everyday and I am being honest with you when I say 99% of the time it moves only spam to the trash. Once in a great while will it mark a regular email as spam, but that is a small price to pay for almost completely stopping spam.

Tips to Stay Spam Free

Let’s face it though; it is our own faults that we even get spam because we give out our email address so much. If we never entered our email address once on the web, then we wouldn’t get spam, but then we also wouldn’t get anywhere!

So the fact of the matter is, the best way to stay spam free is to be careful with your email address and don’t go posting it everywhere. If you have the choice of making it private, then do so.

Also, set up a free email account at Google or a similar site with free email, and use that address for signing up on unimportant websites. This way junk email won’t find its way to your inbox, but instead your free email inbox. Also, Google has a great SPAM filter, so you could use it as your primary email address too.

That is a free and easy way of stopping spam!