Remote Computer Access

Access your PC from anywhere

Remote computer access is ideal for many people, and they don’t even know it. Imagine being able to access your computer from anywhere that has the internet. You could read and retrieve important data from it that maybe you forgot or just left at home thinking you wouldn’t need it.
Whatever the reason may be, having a remote computer access capability is a great plus.

There are many websites and software out there that give you the ability to access your computer remotely. You can access your computer over the internet one of two ways. File only access is where you will only have the ability to look at your hard drive contents, and desktop control is where you actually see what would be on the computers monitor, as if you were actually sitting there. Both ways have their pros and cons, so let’s discuss them now.

File only access is ideal if the remote location has a slow internet connection, because data file names transfer easily, even over a dial up internet connection. The only downside is that you will not be seeing what is actually on your computer, which means you can not run programs. So let’s say for example that you need tax information and it is stored in your tax software. Well you wouldn’t be able to look at it since you can not open the software and locate the information in file only access mode.

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Desktop control is the most ideal way of connecting to your computer remotely, because then the remote computer actually becomes your computer. Really it is just showing you your desktop, and it also converts the remote computer mouse and keyboard commands to your computer just like that mouse and keyboard was actually hooked up to it.

I love being able to take control of my computer whenever I am on vacation, over at a friends house, or even sometimes when I am at the library or school doing work and need something from my PC. The only problem with remote desktop control is that it doesn’t work that great over a dial-up connection, only a broadband one.

Remote computer access software

First of all the best software to access your computer remotely is GoToMyPC . If you are a Windows user, you may have heard of or come across the remote computer access software that comes preinstalled, or maybe you have even used it. While the remote access tool works, it has two very big problems with it. One, someone has to actually be at your computer to accept the remote access request, and let’s face it, there isn’t always someone near your computer to do this. Secondly, it is not as easy to use as GoToMyPC is and the average Joe might have trouble operating it. So, while the remote access tool may be free and look like a good option, it really won’t work for most people and situations.
Also, GoToMyPC doesn’t turn your computer into a host, so hackers will not be able to take advantage and gain access. Just about every other remote computer access software out there will turn your PC into a host, so really I don’t see how you have a choice but to get GoToMyPC.

If you are worried that the information you accessed remotely will somehow get onto the computer you accessed it from, then you don’t have to with GoToMyPC. They delete all digital marks of your data that you accessed, so if you are using a public computer then there is no need to worry.