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Everyone has computer questions, so I will provide free computer help to everyone. I have been building, customizing and upgrading desktop computers for over 10 years. I also know a lot about laptops, servers, handheld computers and so on. Just about any question you ask me I will have the answer for it. And I will guide you through fixing your problem, step by step, if you need me too. I also have some computer FAQ’s shown below that you should consider looking at before you ask me for free computer help.
Computer Training Videos

Computer training videos
Have you ever wanted to know everything about upgrading, tweaking and installing hardware and software on computers? Then what you need are great computer training videos that will take you by the hand and teach you just about everything, step by step. A computer video is better then reading an instruction manual, looking at pictures or any other type of free computer help on the net, plus you will remember the steps better in the future.
Computer FAQ ‘s

How do I migrate my data from one computer to another?
Using PC migration software will make the process of transferring your data from one computer to another a snap. Migrating your data will make sure you save every last bit of data and keep all your settings the same.

How do I turn on my Windows XP firewall?

A firewall will protect you from most of those nasty threats on the internet. Windows XP has a firewall built into the operating system, and can be turned on or off at anytime. Read more here to start protecting your data today with the XP firewall.

How can I stop spam?

This is a big question that I get a lot, and their really is no one answer. The fact of the matter is there are many ways of stopping spam , some better then others. Just follow that link to learn more and get some free spam filtering software and tips.

How do I repair my windows registry?

Your registry files in Windows are very important and if damaged, or cluttered with to much, it can make your computer have many errors and not function properly. This is why a registry repair program should be handy at all times. This can be a true life saver, and you would be surprised at how many errors stem from your registry files and directory.

How do I get rid of Adware and Spyware?

Adware and spyware is the most annoying type of data intrusion that anyone can have on their computer. Adware will cause unwanted pop-up advertisements, browser URL redirection, and other annoying types of advertising. Spyware can sneak into your computer and log your every keystroke, read your emails, grab your passwords and steal your credit card numbers. A good Spyware and Adware cleaner will stop this from happening and will work around the clock.

How do I delete unwanted temporary files from my computer?

The best way to get rid off unwanted temporary internet files is to use the disk cleanup tool provided with Windows. To use it, go to your desktop and click on my computer. Then RIGHT CLICK on your hard drive, then click properties. Once the properties window opens up, you should see the Disk Cleanup button in the lower right corner. Another thing you could do is a system search, by clicking start on your taskbar, then go to the computer search function. You should type in “temp” for the search term, and a lot of temporary file folders will show up. Then, just open each folder and delete all the temporary files you no longer want or need.

My system locks-up at the Shut Down screen, how do I fix it?

This is most likely caused by a program or Anti virus program that is still trying to run in the background. To find out the program that is doing this, I suggest you close all programs before you shutdown. If that doesn’t work, then it is a hidden program that is most likely running. To close that, press CTRL+ALT+Delete all at the same time, and then end all of the processes that are running.

I have a computer virus. What do I do?

Computer viruses and spy ware invasion happens to everyone these days. And the more the internet grows, the bigger the problem is. The only way for a computer illiterate person to fix it on their own, without hiring someone, is to use good virus removal software .

What will you use your computer for?

If you are going to use your computer for general applications like word processing, spreadsheets, and so on, then a standard cheap computer should do. If you need a computer that can handle large processes and complex computing like video editing, video games, etc. then you should buy a powerful computer.

If you use your computer for complicated applications that require multi-tasking, large databases, computer-assisted drafting, or photo or video editing, you will require a more powerful computer. You need to take system speed, disk capacity, RAM, and a good monitor in consideration when purchasing. If you still need help deciding, just use the free computer help form below.

What is Centrino technology?

Centrino Technology is a combination of 3 Intel components found in the same notebook. These components are Intel Pentium M based processor, Intel 855 chipset family or the Mobile Intel 915 express chipset, and the Intel Pro/Wireless Connection.

For the laptop to say it has Centrino technology, all three components must be available in the notebook. It is a common mistake that Intel Centrino is a processor, but it is the combination of the three components listed above.If you are having trouble understanding, then use the free computer help at the bottom of this page.

What’s the Fastest Speed for Dial-Up?

The FCC has limited the maximum connection rate at 53kb in the U.S. You will generally connect at 40 – 50kb but that can be affected by many different factors. The maximum speed for dial-up is mainly based on the modem. Most people have a 56kb modem though, which is the fastest modem available for dial-up. Many factors depend the fastest speed, but the absolute fastest speed possible for 56k modem is 53Kb or also around 6.6KB/second. Upload speed is capped at 33.6Kb or also 4.2KB a second. These are under best conditions though, which no one usually ever has.

As well as having ISP standards (which you should check on the dial-up numbers to see if it supports V.90, which most new modems come with) it also could be a problem with your phone lines. Pick up the phone and press 1, listen for static, if you hear any then it is most likely causing the slow speed.

What is a LAN modem?

A LAN modem is a modem that runs on a Local Area Network and is a 56kb modem with a router and switch built in. These modems can provide many computers with the same connection, but each computer that is connected slows down the transfer speeds. These modems are secure because they provide each computer with a private IP address. Still don’t understnad? Then use the free computer help below by filling out the form.