Computer is an electronic machine which is useful to give information and manipulate data through accuracy and speed. Charles Babbage initially manufactured computer in 1820. Charles Babbage is known as the “Father of Computer”. In today’s world, computer has become the main source for everyone because all the work is mostly performed through computer.

Computer has different parts such as Monitor, CPU (Central Processing Unit), Keyboard, Printer, Scanner and Mouse. Most of the people are using different forms of computers such as laptop and personal computers (PC). The embedded computer is mostly used in all over the world. The latest designs and advanced technologies have made the computer a realistic truth.

A computer contains four different major sections such as input and output devices, arithmetic and logic unit, control circuitry and memory. Central Processing Unit is the major part which contains two forms of memory like ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory).

User gives the instructions through keyboard as it contains different keys like alphabetical keys, functional keys and operational keys. The monitor presents all the data and information in the form of output to the user. Mouse is another useful part of computer which is attached to the computer. It also performs many different functions.

Computers are available in many physical forms as big as room and as little as playing cards. Many computing facilities yet survive for the transaction processing requirements and scientific computation of the biggest organizations.

Small sized computers are manufactured for personal purpose and they are mostly called as “Personal Computer (PC)”. In the developing and developed countries, most of the professions use computers. But certain academic and professional disciplines have developed that emphasizes on various techniques for making, programming and using computers.

Nowadays, computer is used in many different areas such as banks, schools, government offices, private and public companies and even in many showrooms, shopping malls and big shops. A computer is used to transfer information and calculation data which gives results in a less time.

There are many software companies that use computers to do programming and other forms of work. Computer is used like compulsory subject in various schools and colleges. Most of the children use computer to play games on it. Presently, it is also used for getting information about forecast weather.

Computer is mainly used for the Internet. Actually, Internet is the biggest facility on which information can transfer very simply from an individual to another. One can easily give and get messages through e-mails. People can easily chat in foreign countries by accepting Internet facility. Now computer is used at the international level.