Cheap Computer Mouse

Get a better mouse for less

If you need a mouse for your PC, then any cheap computer mouse will do. There are all types of cheap mouse’s available on the market, and you should get the one that suits your needs. Computer mouse’s are available wirelessly, ergonomically designed, and in optical or wheel technology. Below I will guide you through them all and explain how they work.
Wireless Computer Mouse

Wireless Computer Mouse
A wireless computer mouse is what I suggest everyone buy’s. I mean come on, a mouse with a wire just holds you back. It never let’s you pull back far enough, and then you have to pick it up and move it forward. Such a hassle that is so easy to avoid with a wireless cheap computer mouse . A wireless mouse usually uses radio frequencies to send the signal to your computer, but I have seen some use LED technology too just like your remote for the TV (I hate those).
Some people worry about the battery situation when it comes to a wireless cheap computer mouse. Well actually, there is nothing to worry about. With my wireless cheap computer mouse, and others I have used, the batteries have lasted longer than 6 months! I used my mouse every day for at least 10 hours a day and it only took two AA batteries. That is a small price to pay for the freedom of a wireless cheap computer mouse I think.

Ergonomically Correct Mouse

If you want your hand to be able to rest comfortably while you use your cheap computer mouse, then an ergonomically designed mouse is what you want. Ergonomically designed equipment usually reduces user fatigue and discomfort, allowing you to be more productive. I am not sure if you can get carpel tunnel syndrome from using a regular mouse, but I imagine an ergonomically designed mouse would reduce the amount of stress applied to your hand during use.
Cheap Optical Mouse

A cheap optical mouse is truly a great invention that has made computer use much better. It was developed by Agilent Technologies and shown to the world in late 1999. So how does an optical mouse even work? It actually uses a tiny camera to take 1,500 pictures every second. The optical mouse is able to work on just about any surface, since the mouse has a small, red light-emitting diode (LED) that bounces light off that surface onto a sensor. The sensor sends each image to a processor for analysis. The processor operates at 18 million instructions per second, and is able to see the patterns in the images and see how those have changed since the previous images. The processor then determines how far the mouse has moved based on the change in the pattern over a sequence of images. It then sends the corresponding coordinates to the computer. The cursor then moves on the screen based on the coordinates received. Amazingly, this happens hundreds of times each second, so the cursor appears to be moving smoothly.
Of course the opposite of the optical mouse is the old fashioned standard wheel mouse technology. Of course these types of mice get dirty and require cleaning.